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  1. i think you can buy shiny elemental shirt in the L2Store In game
  2. Dear @Juji some news about the scaling of the UI in 4k resolution ? game looks great , but 4k res cant read nothing cause the font are to small please let us know THANKS
  3. It is unfortunate, I also decided to cancel my subscription, because I always won pure clunkers of bottles, and the drops also I imagined that it would be much more and it was not like that. very disappointed, I sincerely hope that the guys at NCSoft can improve their policitas towards their clients, in which we are and consumers. thanks thanks
  4. wow I really appreciate your response and even more your support. i really hope it's a gold magic ticket :D Character name Vicros Server Chronos THANK YOU @Hime
  5. Ncsoft Must SHAME of this **** https://imgur.com/N6ylHm9 WTF!! im so angry with these THIEF !!!
  6. actually I want to change them for a dual dagger of the same type, I can add adena depending on whether the SA of the weapon is higher than mine. Please ONLY BLOODY DUAL DAGGER Thank you price of selling 26b price of trading 28b Weapon has Stage 5 Death Stage 7 Crit. Death Tyrr
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