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  1. thanks, i had almost completely given up, then got an email randomly.
  2. @SumTingWong to the hater, got my warsmith account back a few days ago and a small stipend of 1200 ncoin for a mistake on they're end.
  3. Considering the last event deleted all the rewards pretty much, @Hime or @Juji if we buy a bunch of these tunas or fish for them and buy soulshot/spirit shots, are they going to be deleted out of our inventory this time like rewards were deleted on last event?
  4. I am sure the devs, gms, and moderators have noticed the server populations are half after 3 months. Running average around 3-4k on TI and Giran, from a start of 6500+ often from the beginning. They are failing for several reasons. 1. Adena for normal players as a group cannot even pay for porting or gear. This server settings are so low I know of several people that quit and went back to core/live/skelth 2. Drop rates and spoil rates of normal items and spell books etc are extremely low. 3. bots are rampant, and random non-bot people are getting banned instead. (I would beg to disagree with NC that hundreds of people since xincode was added spamming forums about wrongly banned were all or most lying.) 4. Random server lag, shot lag, crashes, login problems. They literally had years to prepare and classic servers from korea/japan/russia/eu to reference fixes. 5. General lack of care about its customers, this company has is and has been a money pit, and when theres a problem its all automated responses. Deleting peoples posts on forums to hide the dissent and complaints. Etc. those are my opinions, the server numbers don't lie. when wow classic launches later this summer, mark my word these server populations will drop in half. it will be 1k real players and 1.5k bots on TI and Giran.
  5. apparently your just another one of those people that arent invited to the raids, even Live server has some bosses with limit, you are spouting bs. i assume you havent seen the orc tyrant group killing the lvl 40 raids lately? you know why that is? because at this point people can make alts for the lower raids and use high lvl buffs and decent c gear now, it will progress as time goes by. join with the clans doing raids and maybe you will get something eventually. but, as it stands now, the limit barrier and game mechanics prevent 1-2 partys from killing everything easily. as it should. the gear dropped from raids is better than what people are farming and faster, hence 1-2 groups shouldnt be able to monopolize it.
  6. Hate to break it to ya, but this isnt "normal" L2, this is "Classic", where normal rules don't always apply. go try to kill a 50+ boss with 9 people, Good Luck, you will fail the first barrier. The point of the barrier is to keep a kill group from farming all the raids and preventing anyone else getting to do any of them. needless to say, most of the time its several clans assisting in a CC to kill a boss, if your there uninvited to the Ally raid group, why should you be entitled to loot? By your method your asking for, a clan with lvl 70+ party or 2 could just guard a kill group of 9 and take all the loot and get rich. In a sense the way raids are now it requires some planning and assistance from a lot of players. Is it right for the ally doing the raid to tank it and lose xp in deaths for you to get part of the loot because you happened to show up? no one invted you obviously or you wouldnt be qqing about it.
  7. There is no 2 clan take all the bosses above 55, it takes at least 80 players to kill them effectively with limit. You may say 2 "alliances" have been killing the raids, but that ranges from 80-230 players in CC and then you have 1-2 partys ks'ing out of cc, and still sometimes fail. The bosses are pvp'd for a lot of times, griefed, and ks'd. Sounds to me your in some unknown, unaffiliated clan that probably couldn't kill the bosses if you were able to try. If your there ks'ing an alliance raid whether it be ISF ally, Sup, Dynasty ally, or someone else, what gives you right to any loot?
  8. Posts are going down

    Well one reason you see less posts is the "Moderators" are deleting threads. One way to silence a community is to remove the threads, then where theres mass complaints its instead mass compliance.
  9. They respond

    the forum moderators are quick to remove threads as tho we as customers will not see it, nor the responses of the community.
  10. my warsmith account was banned and im from the US, i hope all the dissenters that spam threads with, "don't bot" get the rando ban hammer, then they will know the pain, and will spam the forums, qqing about it.
  11. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    tbh they are only helping the farmers. 1-40 atm have the best drop and adena rates on the server. The farmers can reroll 100x with no issues with these rates. If anything lower the 1-40 rates and increase 40+. Also ports are rediculous, the cost is equal to live servers which adena is a lot easier to aquire.
  12. Account block

    Good Luck, i bet you 100% you will get the standard bs answer from support, like 90% of the people randomly banned for nothing.You might as well reroll or leave game, because the odds of them admitting to mistakenly banning you is not going to happen. You know whether or not you did something wrong, but they will continue to send bs answers just to cover they're arse. It will last till someone sues them for a good chunk to get their money back. Its not about banning bots, its about numbers. If they were actually doing something about bots we wouldnt see the random bots and spam constantly.
  13. Banhammer and bots

    if its a local ip i'm sure it wouldnt be bothered, but if its logged in california today and ireland tonight and brazil tommorrow, probably sharing
  14. those who are against enforcing account sharing are 63+ and paying russian drivers hundreds of dollars a week to grind the characters. NC didnt bother to look at the logs for characters hitting 60 the first week or so with adena/gear/drops all extremely nerfed? seriously 24/7 characters