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  1. I am wondering how people are so lucky in their enchanting. I see players with +10 and higher weapons and armor all over the place and I haven't ever been able to get higher than +5. There's got to be some trick or something that I do not know about. can anyone fill me in?
  2. Did you ever find out what to do with the lesser giants codex now? Or does anyone else know? I've got a bunch on my WH...
  3. It appears that Prophecy of Might does not do anything. Cast it on my yul sagi, no change of stats. Supposed to increase p.Atk +25% among other things right? It doesn't increase any stats at all. What to do?
  4. Level 104 with Enchanted exalted bow and I can't solo in EV or IT. Basically everywhere on the map that says "103 solo hunting field" is not possible to solo... I do great in the abandoned coal mines but that's only an hour zone... Any tips that don't require a credit card?
  5. I was hoping for somewhere NOT crawling with afk/bots/PKers. Looks like I am stuck there for a bit then... Pay to win is really the end game here then huh? No way around it?
  6. Haven't been able to figure this one out with forum search... Where can I grind solo at lvl 103? Lvl 103 Yul Sag with exalted gear, dual box lvl 103 Iss BD with exalted gear.
  7. No, i mean Giants Energy. Wanted to upgrade my talisman and didn't want to pay so much... But I ended up paying it. Oh well.
  8. Haven't played in a few 6~ months, and had a question... Used to get Giants Energy via hunting when I played last, but that is no longer the case it seems. Is buying it the only way to get it now?
  9. Lvl 21 Rogue (Hawkeye) and lvl 21 Cleric (Prophet). Played since closed beta. Family and 2 jobs, so I am very busy but I play for a couple hours after work between 11~pm and 2~am PST. I'd like some english speaking people to grind, raid and pvp with... Am I a candidate?
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