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  1. prestige pack

    i think it would be cool if prestige pack had xp rune in it. even if it was only a 50 % xp rune that stacked with the l2store 200 % problay get more people paying the 15$ a month
  2. Juji lab test please

    juji ran test like that here on na server. and i dont think na server xp rates and drop/spoil rates same as other servers. as well as our open box events?
  3. spoiler

    what effects spoiler rate ? i hear many things your level vs mobs? your luc ? your buffs? /confused
  4. Juji lab test please

    please bring back Juji lab test @Juji
  5. system requirements

    i dont think those system requirements have been updated in years and i dont think 56k modem will play l2 very well at all maybe for afk town shop. and only 1 gig of ram lol any modern computer bought in last 7 years has better stats then those
  6. dwarven recipes

    yes i was talking about most of the 2-3 3-4 recipes but 4-5 recipes are pretty usless every top clan has at least 1 dwarf with it and thats all they need the hard part of the dragon weapon is farming the claws.. i dont see a random person not in top clan getting there hands on 50+ claws
  7. dwarven recipes

    how about making more ways to get basic mat upgrade recipes i know there is a stupidly long hb quest and they do drop extreamly rare with L2 na nerfed drop rate. how about putting them in a event or l2 store cause it sux they are impossible to get. its not items that will change balance of server but the fact they are so rare the only time i ever see them in AH for over 1-2 bill.
  8. Game disconecting every time

    Are you getting a error code or just you have been disconnected ? if no error code most likely your internet upload speed is slow and causes loss i only have problems on Wifi.