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  1. Never. Which means, Never.
  2. You are right, it's supposed to be hardcore, not nearly unplayable
  3. Free top D weapons. Where do i find it?
  4. Current Issue: Long Server Queue Times

    that's exactly what i meant.
  5. People leaving aden server???

    Lineage 2 is doomed!!!
  6. they are working Gough, gough.
  7. You should’ve gratefull

  8. Open new server

    What the Hell?
  9. Make VIP 4 Worth it

    make only VIP 4 adena quantity drop +100% and drop rate to 100%. E.g. If a mob gives you 200 adena it will drop 400 to VIP 4 players and with 100%.
  10. It doesn't matter, you will never have them
  11. For one more time Pay to Win

    So. You want a ton of EXP and making adena too. Hmm, you are far more greedy than i am and i am playing Scavenger.
  12. For one more time Pay to Win

    First of all, the reason that servers are normal now is because halloween event is over, so many boxes who were up just for the rewards are gone. Second it's not the peak time. Peak time is at afternoon, EU hours and yes i believe that players will leave too.
  13. Estimated calculation of GK

    But you are a Nihilist. Even running for 5 min and farm 5 hours getting 1kkk adena, you wouldn't like that