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  1. Maximum level was not 70?

    Maybe the "cap" was nothing but an estimate from them? As in, "we estimate that, with our 0.3x rates, the maximum level someone will ever bother going for is 70"?
  2. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    The funny thing is, they're very quick to censure moderate us... Yet I've never seen a single GM in game, taking action against bots. Really makes you think.
  3. SAD FACTs

    They're either very naive and believe players will stick around and enjoy their "hardcore" game... Or they're intentionally killing the server to save expenses. After all, they already got their money from us, and see no reason to fund 4+ realms online.
  4. Actual Chaos

    Yeah, it sucks. I really didn't want to, but I guess I'll have to get my Lineage 2 fix somewhere else.
  5. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    Bro, the game is designed around a rating of 1x, not 0.2x. And if you think this botched version of L2 is harder than what we used to play, think again. Back then, we would drop our items when we died to monsters. There were no quests giving us free armor, items, and exp. We had to fight often for farming spots because it didn't take us 350 monsters to clear our karma. We all had to group up because boxing was a luxury (you needed a strong pc + pay for another account). And everyone loved it. Because the whole game was based on a 1x rate. Things weren't too slow, nor too quick. Plus, when you did reach a high level, the monsters you killed actually gave suitable rewards. You were able to fund soulshots, gatekeeper fees, and gear once you've reached 45+ (especially if you had a spoiler). Now we're making more Adena by farming lvl 25-35 monsters, rather than playing the game as it should be played. Lineage gets really fun after 40 but we're forced to be stuck on a lvl 20-39 limbo if we want to fund our high lvl characters. Making things take 5 times longer than usual doesn't make the game hard, it makes the game BORING.
  6. Update on Adena and Drop Rates

    Here's where they're failing with their monetization strategy: The game isn't fun. If the game isn't fun, people won't consider paying for it. If it didn't take you 300 monsters to clear a single karma point... If the rates were true 1x... If there weren't hordes of bots clogging your farming places... Then, players would start having FUN, and they would consider paying for it. If I had fun playing L2, I would gladly spend $25 one day for a cool new hat, or $50 the next month for a cool weapon effect, maybe $75 on a salamander pet? Hmmm. But, as it stands, I fail to see why should I spend my money on a game I'm not having fun with. That's how literally every player feels. And that's why their servers will be empty by July 2019, if they keep up with their current monetization strategy.
  7. Experiment - CT drops (post 11-07)

    I honestly have no idea why they've decided to go with such low rates. They're not incentivizing us to go VIP. Paying $50 to go from 0.2 to 0.4 isn't a good deal at all. They're losing players. Newbies are leaving because they can't experience the fun stuff Lineage has to offer. Veterans are leaving because they signed up for 1x rates, not 0.2x. They're encouraging players to bot and RMT, as you can only be wealthy with such rates if you're playing 24/7 (botting or nolifing). I've farmed my two characters from 1 to 20 without doing the leveling quests (I wanted more Adena and couldn't be bothered fighting for quest mobs against hordes of bots). I've spent about a week doing so, and all I have to show for it is ~100k Adena and a handful of materials. I'll spend almost all of it on skill books, teleports, and soulshots. On L2 EU, I'd have about ~250k Adena, double the materials, and a few random pieces of equipment. Just enough money to fund both characters and have a hard, but fun experience. Me and my 4 friends already left in a week. We all had plans to build a clan, build a CP, PVP a lot and pay for VIP. We all gave up when we saw it would take us 5 times longer to build our characters than it took us 10 years ago (that, and the bloated PK counter/PK scrolls). We love Lineage 2 - and we were ready to commit and pay for a hardcore 1x experience - but we don't hate ourselves enough to endure these 0.2x rates. Why they haven't changed things yet, I don't know. --- TL,DR = These low rates are driving away players, discouraging VIP and encouraging botting.
  8. Im done. Im leaving.

    The truth is, Lineage II was always a very "grindy" game. It used to be really fun because we were all oblivious to how the game worked. The graphics were amazing for its time. People would interact with each other anytime they could. They would hold small-scale PVP fights on the gates of Dion. They would explore with their friends to find out what secrets lie at the end of the dungeon they just found., etc. These offbeat experiences made the game much more alive, and as a result, we all ignored how gruesome the grind was. It didn't matter if it took you months to reach lvl 40 and buy a mid-tier D weapon. That wasn't the main focus of the fun, but merely a byproduct of it. You grinded because it was fun having adventures with random strangers over the internet. Nowadays, efficiency is the name of the game. The graphics are average for our time. Most players already know the secrets of the world of Lineage II. They only interact with each other to build CPs, so that they can farm faster. No one wants to risk doing light-hearted PVP and PKing, as they end up losing EXP since they're not grinding, and might even die. Yes, NCSoft does its part by making the grind even more tiresome with these awful lower-than-usual rates. However, if today's Lineage II isn't proving to be as fun as it used to be, you can mostly blame the players. Somehow, they're only focused on the most boring aspect the game has to offer - the grinding. Essentially, the magic of Lineage II is gone, and all we're left with is another generic Korean grinding-heavy MMO.
  9. Make VIP 4 Worth it

    I've yet to see an F2P game that relies on P2W lasting longer than 1 year. They might be making money right now with this VIP bullshit, but at this rate, there won't be anyone playing in a year from now. Take a look at games like Path of Exile, Dota 2, and CS:GO. They've been running for over 5 years, and people are still investing lots of money into them. It isn't uncommon to hear about someone spending over $400 for a CS:GO Knife, or $199,99 for a Path of Exile Supporter Pack. And if NCSoft's Lineage 2 Classic proved to be a fun experience, I would gladly pay for cosmetics for my characters. The data is clear: P2W isn't a good economic model. If NCSoft wants to make money in the long term with L2Classic, they need to change their monetization strategy. Otherwise, their revenue will plummet in a few months, and the servers will shut down in 6 months/1 year.
  10. People leaving aden server???

    Easy there, champ. You're also going to need to clear your tears when you find yourself playing with nothing but 300 human players on the entire server.
  11. People leaving aden server???

    Botched adena/xp rates; Paid GK; Multi Boxing is allowed; Stupid events that gave free D gear to some people; No PVP action (before lvl 40); No player interaction (before lvl 40). These were the reasons that I've quit for. I don't think people are leaving Aden server, specifically - they're leaving en masse. I see a lot of dissatisfaction on these forums, and apparently, NCSoft isn't doing anything about it. I guess they're relying on banking from the select ~500 dedicated players that never leave, no matter what.
  12. Why I Quit Playing Lineage 2 In Less Than a Week

    Excellent, nice to see you're having fun! Out of curiosity, are you playing on Aden?
  13. Allow SSC and BSSC to be bought by Ncoin

    Awful idea. If NCSoft wants to make bank from the Free 2 Play strategy, they should do it like most successful F2P games (Fortnite, Path of Exile, Dota 2, etc) are doing: Sell cosmetic items. Selling in-game stuff will only drive away purists who refuse to play Pay2Win games.
  14. Bye Bye