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  1. Recruit active EE

    PS we are mage group
  2. Recruit active EE

    Hello. We are main cp at Vaevictis lvl 4 clan with clan hall on aden . We recruit active elven elder 63 + you can message me here or in game "Letor
  3. Recruit cp members

    International CP Vaevictis side recruit active`s warlord / overlord 56+ send message here or pm in game "Letor Have fun:)
  4. cp lf members

    now we only need 2 mages and one overlord still can msg me here or in game
  5. cp lf members

    Hello! International Mage cp that doing raids/wars and staf together lf mage/bd/sws/overlord 52+ send here or pm in game Letor Have fun!
  6. Wts/wtt SB Greater Might

    Hi all. wts/wtt spell book greater might Pm in game Letor Have fun
  7. log in

    so it will fix.. thank you so much!
  8. log in

    Hi at the last update done to server I cant log in for some reason.. it tells me that ( the client is about to close) and I have the option to close and exit.. that it means to disconnect me from log in.. why is happened that?