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  1. Dragon Valley Type 1, Type 2 mobs

    Well yeah, I figure that probably the location of a type is always the same too, but as for the cave keepers, the ones that are near LoA spoil divine glove patterns, since we havent got a single head in like +6hrs of farm there, when there was a christmas tree. I think I'll try to spoil the ones around the fort, maybe we will be lucky there thanks the for reply
  2. Hello guys, maybe someone of you know something about this. As you know there are 2 types of every mob in dragon valley and some of the first mobs have something to distinguish the type visually (like having or not having a shield on a skeleton) and by resistances (like drakes can have bow resist or not), but some mobs like Cave Keeper have no difference between their types (at least I haven't noticed) and I cant tell which of them is which. Do the different type mobs spawn in their dedicated locations and are always the same type for that location, or do they always spawn with a random type, regardless of location? Thank you.
  3. At least now a PK threat in a zone where you are partying and a solo monkey is taking your mobs will be worth something. Not everyone will want to risk dying to have to spend adena/run to get to the spot again (talking as a <40).