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  1. @Hime just a suggestion for next announcement post, turn off the comments. These basement-dwellers make the server look more toxic than it already is. Bad PR. Tnx for the ongoing hard work!
  2. Pay to Wait?

    I understand having a queue, but what about things that are time sensitive? If my clan goes to siege, do I need to start my game client at 3am to make sure I can get in game on time, when I PAID for access? What a complete joke.
  3. Pay to Wait?

    Is this a joke NCsoft? I pay for VIP to bypass the queue with NCoin I had before server launch, I buy the $30 start pack, and I still wait 1+ hours in queue? I won't put another 1$ to this company for any of your games if you guys don't pull your sh*t together fast.
  4. Your client will close?

    All you crying about a free service. If you wanna play, pay. That's how life works. Suck it up and buy VIP you casuals
  5. Quest Rewards BUG

    I have soulshots too when I selected Spirit Shots. Quest: New Potion Development - Elven Village