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  1. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    I decided to use this tactic, but NCSOFT is not even there for its customers! Open a new ticket.
  2. Are you planning to fix the security system that is banning random people ? I do not want tickets answered for theft without intelligence!
  3. Is it safe to invest time/money ?

    I'm very sad about the NCSOFT service, after many attempts and no response as to why I was banned, I kind of received a bleep from the company, in which she says that any open ticket regarding my banishment will not have a return ... if they banned me, they must have a reason, I wanted to know if I returned to play, I would not be banned again, because I did not really use the bot.
  4. Maintained random ban

    If I create a new character, should I play and cheer for ncsoft, do not banish me?
  5. Maintained random ban

    I understand what you are saying, but you can not agree with something that is wrong!
  6. Maintained random ban

    banned two accounts of mine, the second was only two days of creation, these two days played I played with a box stand, if I actually used any program should not this support be banned too?
  7. Maintained random ban

    I understand, but what I simply did was play, I usually played 02 years in the live server I did not have that problem, I understand the rules. If bot was really used or any other kind of program would not be wasting my time here.
  8. Banhammer and bots

    solved your situation?
  9. Maintained random ban

    I already received my ticket 4 days later, accusing me of using a bot.
  10. I received a sad news, ncsoft believes that I was using bot and my ban was according to the rules of the community. It would be all ok if I was actually using bot, I'm playing from the beginning of the server, as I have little time and little experience in classic servers I could not even get to lv 41, only items I have comes from adena drop and lastly a spellbook : Death Whisper that sell for 5,1kk, I spent money with ncoins and now I have this disgusting surprise, in my country this is called theft! maybe few people will understand this post here, but I'm bound, my English is bad(Google translate) and you get penalized for something that did not do is extremely bad. Knowing that the server is full of bots and I have not even used it I am unable to play! @Juji @Hime
  11. ncsoft support!

    kk, google translate
  12. ncsoft support!

    This that lost the perched in post the content, so wo a niss on the knowledge knowledge has not the sequent knowledge to the content has not a control of the content has been indevidamentes bloqueadas;
  13. ncsoft support!

    I do not want to solve my problem here, I just want the ncsoft to consientize in trying to solve the problem with a greater agility; Or do you think it's okay to stay up to 7 days awaiting the goodwill of the ncsoft team, knowing you did nothing contrary to the rules of the community!
  14. ncsoft support!

    Patience I would have if the mistake were mine, can not NCSOFT solve a blockade that she put herself? This is the second time that this happens in my account!
  15. thanks NCSOFT 36 hours + locking with no response !! Very good your attention with your customer. @Hime