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  1. Can't find an applicable decryption application for L2 classic stuff, @Devoid
  2. Anyone know of a resource containing a list of all items (and preferably their stats) for L2 classic? I realize sites like the L2 wiki have the items, but I'm more interested in the backing source of that data, such as a json structure of all items - as I'd rather not use the media wiki api and html parsing to get what I need from each item.
  3. Before supporting the game, I'd like to at least make sure I'm spending the right $ on what is going to be the most optimal route for gaining xp. Is there a guide on what to buy, and what to keep going each month to maintain VIP 4? I've seen the price is $16.50 beyond the initial $50.00, but I'm not sure what to spend that on?
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