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  1. F GM STATES DATABASE IN WICH SAYS FOR EXAMPLE : DOOM KNIGHT - NO DROP - NO ADENA AND 1/2 USSUAL EXP ... OK FINE.. BUT WE WILL KNOW ITS NORMAL FOR THIS SERVER CUZ ITS STATED. NON OF US KNOW WHAT EXACPLY IS THE STPOIL / DROP/ ADENA SP/ ON THE SERVER NOT ONLY FOR CERTEN AREA.. CUZ TEH SERVER IS NOT 1 AREA... Also I want to mention Wiky's are usually released by a third party user not developers. No MMORP is released immediately with a 100% information manual. Yes you can argue that L2 is a 2004 game, but this is a very unique classic server, I repeat is not BASED on any other server st
  2. I totally respect your desire to actually know what the rates are. I am sure they are currently taking into consideration much of the feedback posted in the forums, but definitely not those from players who are toxic and are constantly bitching and whining. The server is fairly new, I am sure soon there will be a unique NC soft classic WIKY. Rather than pushing Ncsoft for the information at this moment, I much rather wait until they have a more redefined modification and provide a most proper permanent rate. Every time they fix something or attempt to make an adjustment to the game, they get
  3. That's exactly my argument, this version of the game should not be compared to any other. It has it's unique rate and version. Have you seen any other version with VIP rates? no, so most of the rates and drops most be adjusted accordingly to that is implemented in the NC SHOP ( Free to play version). As I do agree that some rates are still yet to be revised, I disagree with the majority of the player bashing NCsoft staff and threatening to quit if nothing is fixed momentarily. This is quite a young version of the game, I would suggest that instead of bitching and whining, play with wha
  4. I posted a toxic topic? okay buddy.... If I was a new player who read the resents topics ,went based on the recent discussions regarding gameplay, I would be highly discouraged to play the game. Fact is most if this information is created by false and lazy player criteria who like to complain about everything. Every NCSFOT Patch notes ( COMPLAIN) *new event upcoming* ( COMPLAIN) "GK will be removed" ( COMPLAIN) Everything complain!!!! I've yet to stumble into a positive forum topic. Now I'm toxic? no you are wrong. I intended to post more of a positive topic to encourage cry babies
  5. You only complain about the rates in every single forum topic. You constantly compare the server's to other (Illegal) or past C1 servers . Lets talk about Alligator quest? or FOM, the super EXP scroll or the VIP 4. That is something that is not implemented in the past They are attempting to create a new version of the game based on classic experience with a more casual adventure. You all complain about the new rates but fail to mention the positive part of the game. Sounds to me like you all want to shape the game YOUR WAY, by constant complaining about everything. The more you complain
  6. A clear message to you Scrubs who constantly complain about the Adena drop and continuously bash and blame NC soft for their " faulty lack of service". The only issue with adena drop at the moment is that they buffed low level mobs at the very beginning thanks to your constant crying and complain. So all the sudden of course once you hit 40, the drop seems mediocre, it's your fault. NCsoft did introduce a hardcore and nostalgic experience Classic server, Those of you complaining have no idea what C1 was all about. I do blame NCsoft for providing you with the 1kk scrolls quest. The scrol
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