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  1. May the strongest Mastercards win.
  2. If things are so easy why are people botting?
  3. Again, this is how Lineage 2 looks on Wikipedia right now and this is how a random person will see Lineage 2. I am not really discussing the validity of Wikipedia. I think we both agree on that Wikipedia is not a reliable source for information. However this is how Lineage 2 is described there and we have to remember that many people use Wikipedia as a source for information. Therefore I don't think its meaningsless to qoute here. It could have been a qoute from a New York Times article about Lineage 2 and you could have said that the journalist was biased because he got his account bann
  4. I think it is very interesting how Lineage 2 is viewed on Wikipedia. Everyone agrees NCsoft is not doing anything remarkable against people violating their EULA. Real players lost their game and what is left is the race to the bottom of who can bot the most and ebay the most.
  5. Sadly I don't fit in with the trolls at Wikipedia. It is funny though how Lineage 2 is described. Many people take Wiki for a reliable source for many things, that is still a fact.
  6. Reading the topic title, made me think of this little pearl : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSpBlk7J4rk
  7. This is taken from Wikipedia : Unfortunately Lineage 2 ended up releasing a classic lineage 2 server, in 2018, that was plagued with massive bans on legitimate players from its over tuned auto ban algorithm. The launch of the game feuled an unprecedented frenzy of wide eyed players looking to continue their Lineage 2 adventure. Spending tons of money in the cash shop, only to be banned inappropriately. While watching bots run all over the servers, these victims dealt with an incompetent support and appeals department of NCSOFT which only replied in copy paste responses.
  8. Don't blame you tbh. Very few people are actually playing the game.
  9. Brilliant! VIP 5 for guaranteed login. (and additional SOE in daily VIP box ofcourse)
  10. Please dont defend bad practice. They stole peoples time and money - its pretty simple.
  11. Haha, what a joke. Clearly no level cap at 70. Was going to say level 73 is impressive at this stage but this classic version with all it's different kind of boosts is nowhere near the true hardcore of original L2. -Well except the droprate of spellbooks, that is just beyond retarded.
  12. Official notes state a level cap for players at 70. There is no mention of a level cap for mobs.
  13. Can anyone explain this quest?
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