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  1. Hello, I would like to share my experience with you and look for a possible solution in the future. A week ago we just lost 3 accounts with a friend, which we received very bad attention from the support. 1 acc lvl 40 buffer other 2 secondary acc with a bit of adena lvl 20 beginning to make spoiler to collect materials. Now after losing accounts, we decided to continue playing because we really like it, apart from that we have more friends playing which do not want us to stop playing. What I would like to know now is how and what guarantees us that in the future we will go back to being
  2. one comes to play an official server thinking that it will be better than any other server, is with these things totally out of place. they play with the players they make us lose a lot of time on a hard server
  3. that happened to us, I was not the only one to 2 friends who were in the party were also blocked
  4. Hello the truth that I have to thank you, great help to recover my life, after being so long playing a game .. What I have left to tell you is that I never imagine that it would be an official server as bad both by the administration and the security be banned innocent by the ineffectiveness of the staff. I would play again but this is not possible, who gives me security that in the future this injustice will not happen again, devote a lot of my life playing more than 8 hours .. the truth is that the game continues to scam the people
  5. some support that can help me and that is not by mail .. I use a translator that I must do to recover my blocked accounts without doing anything
  6. Hi, I just lost 3 accounts, blocked. How do I have to stop to recover? I do not use anything illegal. but my buffer lvl 40 my new spoil that was starting
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