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    Selling the items below, Naia server, adena only (mail only offers please) +12 R110 Bloody Slasher 3 sa FE (tyrr+death+speed/body) +12 R99 Bloody Cutter 3 sa FE (Sigel+Body+Speed/body) +12 R99 Bloody Stormer 3 sa FE (Death+speed/Body) +10 R110 Enhanced Fighter FE 2 sa (Death+Speed/Death) +9 R110 Enhanced Heavy Set (3x120 elements) +10 R99 PvE Heavy Set FE +8 R99 PvE Light Set FE Blessed Valakas Necklace/Bless Antharas Earring/Rulers Ring of Authority/Baium Soul/Earth Wyrm Ring 7s Talisman/Abundance Lv1/Insanity Talisman/Venir 20 +5 Noble Circlet of Authority