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  1. Raid Boss low level

    Short answer NO you cant because of the shield 500 hits in 15 secs... That's nearly impossible even fully buffed.
  2. All you have to do is look at the people quitting because of this p2w in the Quitting thread. Let's be honest there is at least 500 players who will probably quit from this and those ppl have on average 1 box. While the server can handle losing 1000 chars the people who will follow shortly after will kill it. Why not just give people a vote. P2W or 15$ a month. There are a lot of stupid things you's messed up in this version of the game but none of them is as bad as pay to win.
  3. You are right @ICuRaPro Lineage 2 was never meant to be easy but if you remember back in beta the price's of ports was much lower with the highest being 18k and the fact mobs even in the original dropped more gold farm fewer items.
  4. You yourself have admitted the Adena is a problem still yet your turning off Free teleports even though the problem has not been fixed? Till the issue is fixed you need to continue to allow free ports. Attendance check is a great idea and honestly a surprising move by NCsoft. Congratulations on getting something right through the time logged in should be increased to one hour and be put behind an experience gained requirement so people don't just log in and sit their lazy ass's down.