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  1. Im lvl 40. I give up. All places is full bots. I open a topic about it, no answers, closed topic. Ivory Tower Crater and Sea of Spores, important places to farm books (cdl, dw), is full of bots. U cant kill mobs. This is how NCSoft considers players. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/9566-when-ncsoft-will-start-ban-bots/
  2. No answers? Can I bot safe here?
  3. Is it hard? If u want i can do it free. U dont need to spend money. Please its impossible to play this classic full bots. Bot at the same spot 5 days 24hrs, a lot of reports. Nothing happend
  4. About bot reporting

    Bot report is useless here. I report the same bot Sea of Spores 5 fkng days 24hrs No ban. I report bot on ivory tower crater 3 fkng days 24hrs No ban. I give up this classic. Bots takes all spot farm book, its impossible to dispute bots. Mob respaw insta kill. Maybe NCSoft bankrupt to hire 4 fkng people (1 each server) to ban bots.
  5. Sea of Spores = full bot place. @Hime is to hard ban bots? Its impossible to player get books there. Now a days is better buy bot than Vip.