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  1. You really think they would? Bye bye from 4 of my VIP 4 toons. Gave away all of my gear today on Gludio and all of my remaining Adrenaline keys. At least my bots gave mats to help people and the dead market. Meanwhile NCSoft killed the game rofl. Bye bye <3 PS Botting is super easy. 9 accounts 24/7 and they didn't do anything to me hahaha. Sell what you've got and run fellas!
  2. I kind of love the empty lvling zones. And the people I've met are awesome and pretty happy right now with the server. I agree with just trying to make the best of it and have fun. If something happens, it'll happen.
  3. Agreed. There is no winning with the people on this forum.
  4. Hey everyone, people don't enjoy/do the same things as me. I think people should be fired over that.
  5. You're welcome for the warning. Saved you enough time reading so that you could post a reply that you didn't read
  6. This post really serves no purpose. I'm not complaining or asking for changes to anything. I'm just killing some time right now and thought to write about some observation I found pretty funny. During my time back in classic, through chatting with various clan's members and "top" players, I've noticed a bit of a pattern with the majority of folks buying adena and botting to the top. The vast majority just have an absurd ego towards their "success" in this game. I'm not sure why, but that attitude really brings me joy and fascination. Why on earth are you so proud? If anything I'd expect y
  7. Hey there, I see a few clans stating they have "6%" XP in their profile or in global chat. Aren't the XP% rewards 3/5/7/10? Is this just a way of stating they're almost at 7%? Or are there other factors which may add an additional 1% here and there? I know there is a raid bonus tab with more perks, but these are usually small lvl 1/2 clans I see.
  8. Thanks for the clarification Outlaw!
  9. This is wonderful, even despite the cons some of you brought up. I know I'd be "wasting my time" essentially killing the bots, but honestly, that's what I do just playing games in general. Time I enjoy wasting isn't wasted time as they say. Thanks again for the replies folks
  10. So does this mean if there's a multiplier (say, 1.2x for a 2-person party), and a mob gives 1,000xp, would it be bumped up to 1200xp then divded by two (600xp each), or will both players now get 1200xp?
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