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  1. hahaha im farming here 9 days and nothink 8h per day GL
  2. In my opinion, Gludio server ceases to function. The market is crazy. It's hard for everything. Adena with lvl does not increase, and if so, only for monsters in the party. The chance for a book is like a full drop. Most players buy adene illegally from boters. It's hard to party because there are really few active people .... For 5 days I'm looking for a death whisper book. Lineage was supposed to be a game - not torment. We want to have more fun from the game. marry Christmas and happy New Year for all of You - iMF.
  3. I understand, but without exaggeration, to pay more for the ss than to earn money. and count for full drop
  4. So solo players can not enjoy the game because they do not earn money for the ss, bsps? You have a cp that you enjoy ... Not everyone has the time to play in cp, do not say anything. You are a crook because you have a lot of time for the game. Solo players would also like to play and not worry about the money
  5. Please ... fix the writing options. I have to press enter to write a message in the game ... it's really annoying.
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