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  1. Mage weapon

    Hello guys, I am 22 lvl human wizard and i have 160k adena in my inventory. I have not buy any weapon/armor, i play with the gear that starter quests gave to me. What should i do now? Should i keep them to buy a D grade weapon or buy no-grade mage staff? Thank you guys.
  2. I don't have any problem with grinding adena and xp.. my only problem is the multibox and botting... They have to put a limit in multiboxing.. maybe 2 characters per ip? Everywhere i go to farm i see a group of 3-6 characters just follow the main and the most annoying is when you see groups with bots... In the previous 2 hours in Giran server many players on chat was complaining about the bots.. We have to agree that botting and multiboxing is a real problem in Lineage 2. Can a Administrator confirm to us that developers are working for a fix? @Hime @Juji