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  1. Another bot rant (Cruma Tower)

    Just move to EV, same exp and better drops. Sadly nothing to do at Cruma.
  2. Don't even waste any time trying to explain to this guy how percentages work guys... He probably thinks that having 25% increased drop rate means he has to kill 4 golems to get DW.
  3. AW gear and dyes?

    I'm a PR that rerolled into AW
  4. AW gear and dyes?

    Best B grade set for AW? BW heavy/light or Doom light? And best dye setup? tyty.


    Still have DW?
  7. Making adena for C grade gear

    This. Been making 1kk+ per day farming PL keys in Cemetery.
  8. I feel like people doesn't know how to approach a grindy game. I have a PR and a PP both 46, I have an OE D bow worth like 6mils, top C set, top C jewells, dyes, and even haste on my PP. I do not bot nor RMT, I just grind my ass off. Hell I'm nowhere near the 'top' players but I'm doing pretty good and this isn't a bleeping race. Another guy said that it was impossible to farm SBs in SoS for instance, due to bots. Like wtf? Been farming there 10 days straight and there was only 1 bot, which wasn't even a big deal cuz it was farming in a shitty spot anyways. Don't get me wrong, rates SUCK and I've never played a game where I can't buy a good weapon cuz the game gives me less money than the amount I invested to level (hence the reason I bought an OE D bow and not the Akat), but the game is most definitely NOT unplayable, people just want to log, make a party, kill mobs for an hour and done, full gear and lv40. This is a hard game, everyone has the same shitty rates, and if you play smart you won't have a problem progressing.