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  1. I also asking for pvp, like i said before it is best part of this game. I will pick archer + pp because mages will be dont so good when ppl will make jewellery. Now i must a bit thinking with one. On old chronicles hawkeye always be king, but i see here if pr is also viable. What about sr?
  2. When i was playing in old chronicles archers consume mana for normal shots and also dont need bss but normal ss. I'm a bit confuse Money doesnt matter i just want to have fun with game like couple yers ago. I always like to play with mage but in early chronicles he just got one/two shoots from archers/daggers/tyrant. What about daggers? They are also viable, i remember if daggers have always problem with stab landrate ?
  3. Hello, I'm oldshool Player who want back to play because of classic serwer but idk with one class should i pick. I want to solo play with one buffer box. I dont want pick class rly hard to exp because i will got bored and leave it. Also i dont want take weak class in pvp because that is best part of this game. I'm thinking about SH+SE / HE or PR + PP / DA + PP. The most i want to play with archer but i will dont need 3rd box for mana recharger too? What is yours tips guys?
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