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  1. So there will be no boosts in 2019? as far as I understand dev posts right?
  2. is over? today is 31 of Dec meanwhile... and tomorrow is 1 of Jan... have they seen the calendar?
  3. Hi, could anyone explain me what does the adena drop depend on? Yesterday at night I was playing for ~ 3 hours around Gludin and was hunting for `Felim Lizardman Warrior`. I had 90 ~ 190 adena each time. Today in the morning I have 50 ~ 100 adena from the same warriors. I have vip 0 and yesterday I had no special bufs... Why I have so big difference here?
  4. All locations around dwarf village are filled with bots. They spoil mobs since yesterday's maintains without non-stop... I counted ~50 different characters... Everyone has the same very good (top?) NG equipment and farm without any pause....
  5. Have no idea... My account was blocked without any characters in it =) I was just downloading a game while it happened =)
  6. My account was unlocked in 7 days =) Support were written they was not ably to reply to my messages so they created a new issue in the internal system... So if you see there is no reply in 2 days, ping them. Probably they just thinks you ignore additional questions =)
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