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  1. population is the same

    Maybe we just wait till Siege and see how wrong you are to say that people leaving has not affected anything. Last siege was moderately good for Gludio server, where even though no one got the Castle, people at least go crystals for clan skills. I bet that this time around we may not even breach the wall or even come close to the success we had last run.
  2. Bring Back XP Boost*2

    Yeah Saw a lot more activity during past event. Now everyone just seems to be disheartened and quitting server. -Gludio player
  3. Castle Siege EU TIME

    Saturday sounds better than Sunday.
  4. Gludio is dead

  5. I am usually able to log in from earliest 5:30 am - 8:00 pm+ (GMT) Mon-Fri and the entire weekend (no sleep if I have a party). I am looking for an international clan preferably that can speak a little bit of English for communication. Leave me a message: IGN: Mortimer Discord: Evil Morty#1041
  6. [Gludio] Supernovas Clan Recruiting

    Hi, I just joined the game and server, looking for a clan to learn from and pay with Sending you a message in game. IGN:Mortimer