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  1. Pendent lasts 30days..

    Pendants are permanent. Event last 30 days(so u will be able to buy pendants and polishes only for 30 days).
  2. [GIRAN] PL Horse CP LF 2 ES

    Es 55+ poszukiwany
  3. WTB Doom Plate Armor

  4. [GIRAN] PL Horse CP LF 2 ES

    Poszukiwany ES 50+
  5. WTB Doom Plate Armor

    WTB Doom Plate Armor full piece or recipe pm "goodmike
  6. [GIRAN] PL Horse CP LF 2 ES

    Poszukujemy jeszcze jednego koniarza lvl bez znaczenia
  7. Polskie CP szuka 2 ES gramy w clanie Archons. Wiecej info priv lub pm w grze Goodmike

    DA 57 LF CP more info priv. Timezone CET
  9. [GIRAN] PL Melee CP LF WC 52+

    Looking for PL tyrant,wc 56+
  10. [GIRAN] PL Melee CP LF WC 52+

    Looking for PL tank,WC 56+
  11. Polish Melee CP LF WC around 52lvl. More info priv or pm in game "JustMike
  12. [GIRAN] LF CP

    After a short breaking returning to L2. Experience more than 12 years also got classic experience (played on Skelth). Dont have problem to play most of classes. Can play between 16-23 CET. More info PM.