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  1. I just care about profit. I will level this mage to level 40, no more. The main reason im considering light elf vs dark elf is crit chance. I just dont know if at these low levels is the difference in number of m.crits significant or not, because i never played mage class before. I have 2 rechargers +-40 lvl, so mana shouldnt be a problem.
  2. I would at least appriciate if they ban the scammer, i dont think this behavior is good for community, or in real life.
  3. This scam goes like this: You teleport to monster arena, and want to trade items from main char to your boxed buffer. So you send trade request from buffer, ALT+TAB to main and accept the trade. However, just a fraction of second before that some other player (in my case with nick "qb") sends you trade request too, so in fact you accept trade from him, not from your buffer. You give items you want to trade, confirm, ALT+TAB to buffer and now you see you made a terrible mistake.... I lost Lesser Giants Hammer +4 this way, wanted to trade from my spoil to my craft, but this scammer just tr
  4. Hi, i intend to start mage class to farm adena. I have EE and SE already, so no problem with mana. Is better to go dark elf wizzard for his high INT or rather light elf with high WIT and more m.crits? (and use +10%m.atk robe set) Or human for some reason? Thx for reply.
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