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  1. Thinking of coming back, are botts still around? I know that there are bots here and there but does NCSOFT ban them? Control the infestation or not?
  2. Yeah you tell them !!. Also,kill every bot before reporting it.
  3. I played ROHAN BLOOD FEUD long ago and its exactly same game as this, but there on lvl 20 you go to akma cave and there are like tons of people waithing to get invated there,you just stand and some1 inv you,here i don't see people focus on grinding on certain spots.
  4. Guys so i reached lvl 20 and now what? I took assassin class and i got no gear or anything with it, i have around 20k ingame money and 1 dagger costs over 100k which is insane,how does game like this even works? I need to get some gear since im using same gear that i got when i start this game as reword and some dagger i got on quest,where to get gear and where to go from now on,there is no quests. Is there some place where people gather and farm mobs? Where should i go at this point and what to do.
  5. Im not gonna give up just yet, i already played game similar to this --> ROHAN Blood Feud looong ago and i remember how leveling works in games such as this, first it starts vary slow cause you are killing 1by1 moobs but then become really fast as soon as you find friends to grind spots. After that it gets slow again but you are already some decant lvl to feel like its worth going forward. Starting levels are the worst.
  6. Yeah i got that weapon. Im lvl 14 now and fighting orcs.
  7. Lel,ok i will try solo then but its hard to do it with assassin,for each mob i spend 1 pot. Btw i saw guy leading around 8 bots with him lol,it looked like train,they moved exactly as he did.
  8. Is there a way to signup for some pt matching in this game? Its hard to play this game solo once you reach 12 lvl and its harder as much to find people to do pt if you have no communication with them at all.
  9. Im lvl 12 atm and i want some noob friendly guild that do lots of guild pt together so i can lvl faster.I play L2 for the first time. Im active almost every day but due to job and real life i can't play active as some people do,usually around 2h per day. I need some casual but active guild that can help me lvl faster,english speaking players.
  10. Thanks OilMint, for such an old game,Lineage classic is doing pretty well.
  11. How do you know how many players are online LifeChat?
  12. Alright then,thanks,gonna play on Giran then.
  13. Im from EU so i want to play on most active EU server,was considering Aden and Giren and already made characters there but now not sure which1 to pick. Help me with this pls.
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