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  1. LAGGOLEND tour

    Cheers mates, Tonight, before sleep i will pray for people in aoe parties who are diening just because server is laggy ,like admin use torrents for brazzers... this topic is not for crying "admin please fix lag" ,topic is more like ..Hey people you have to know then nc soft give something it tooks also something.Like we got tuna event,but laggolends toakes your time in game. Good luck all hope you are on drungs and thease shitty lagg is not pissing you off. Have a good saturday night all!
  2. A few questions from the new player

    i need high lvl charachter to slay bots,its anoying.Some places have to named from gordon flower or singingwaterfall to like this
  3. Level cap

    about scammers ,adena sellers and so on.. Really do not understand why there is no Gm's team who clean bots and other bad things from server.Regular.Its like mostly people lvling box as much as they can,if cant they use botting program,scaming,selling aden.WTF .Lineage2 NCsoft's team looks like dead horse who just want money from us.But for sure they do not do nothing. "pending,waiting,open ticket,submit,wait a sec" all thease problems are active not passive problems they should start make max 2 account per pc ,and start banning bots.Why there is no more options to jail player characher for like 1231241414414145345 minutes which it will be counted if that one will be online.come on its java and its old script
  4. enchant bug?!

    :DDDDD no cats anymore
  5. Wait time for NC Coins?

    Thank you for answer. Next time will use paypalito
  6. Wait time for NC Coins?

    Hello all, i have problem. Yesterday around 15:00 i ordered big amount of coins by credit card. But till now i didnt gent coins or info to my email about transfering.Money from my card was took ,but still im just waiting it.Do is time to write to support ticket or still wait ?