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  1. Known Issue: Server Login/Select Issue

    https://imgur.com/a/Ya906aK During the current cant log in bug I got this one too, dont know is it relevant, decided to share anyway... So far I did, restart PC, Restart router, do some /ipconfig stuff suggested by a streamer, tryed googleling the problem... Update geforce drivers... turned off avast for 10 minutes... nothing helped.
  2. Spoil quantity

    I spoil in Ant nest and geting more then 1 cord from spoils... Giran server I do recal geting 2xCoal from spoils too!
  3. Still cant log in...

    It lags for 5 seconds... then it disconnected me from game... then after I try to log again it say account in use or it is stuck at chose server to go to...
  4. Still cant log in...

    Back to not working again
  5. Still cant log in...

    It works now
  6. Still cant log in...

    I still cant log in, it comes to server choice screen and it dont move past it.... after maintence on I still have attendence checklist active...