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  1. In which server are you playing? Because each server uses a different timezone as reference for server time. Example: If you are playing on Giran Server the siege will start at 8 pm (GMT+1) because Giran Server uses the GMT+1 timezone as time server reference. If you play in every other server check the timezone it uses (that info its stated between parenthesis next to the server name) and do the math.
  2. The maintenance started two hours ago (14:00 GMT+1) & has a schedule duration of three hours so...still 1 hour left.
  3. Can't Log In to Game

    I just started playing a couple of days ago, so I didn't know until now when the regular server maintenance was performed. I just checked that post. Thanks for the answer
  4. Can't Log In to Game

    Right now, I put my e-mail and pass then appears a message that I have to update the game. After the update has been completed, I open the game & this window appear, rendering me unable to play the game. Image