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  1. i need help

    We will help u, if u say something, vato
  2. Hi everyone!! Sry for asking, but I get it. My main is awakened, so I start to lvl my first sub, I lv up to 80, and get a certif... But the wiki said they will give 1 certificate every 5 levels (starting from lv 65). So, I miss 3. When cancel the subb, and start another one, the npc says something about "not enough level"... Rly? I Mean, what I should do? The other question (about dual class now), is What is a dual class. Sincerly, I dont understand anything about anything from dual class. If someone can explain me this (shortly or deeply) I will really feel complete about this circle of "im feoh now, what's next". THX!!
  3. Hi everyone! I would like to know which class is better for my Feoh. I playing PvE, so I was thinking a summoner will be ok, then was thinkin in a Overlord, then a player tell me a Sword singer will be the best option (???????), then I start to read and... surprise! The better option is another Feoh? Now, i dont know what to think :(... Pls, halp! Anda a lot of thx
  4. display windows in game

    Hi! Maybe is not applying the configuration you wanna set. Try changing it thru "Option.ini". You can found it right in the same folder L2.ini
  5. 7 Sign

    Hi to everyone! I would like to know what happen to 7Sign festival? Just curiosity... Thx to read, or answering