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  1. Hello, I was unable to find the answers to these questions about augmentation online and after talking to the anvil it says something about being unstable which scared me away. I'd be very grateful if someone can answer these questions. 1. Can your weapon break from augmentation? 2. Can you still over enchant an augmented weapon? 3. Do you lose your over enchants when you remove an augment? 4. Can your weapon break when removing an augment? 5. Are there any real downsides to doing it besides money? Thanks!
  2. Was nice while it lasted

    I'll always remember, Grumpy, my friends and I were scared of him, he was a loose cannon fighting anyone who opposed him. He will always be a legend to us T_T
  3. Can't get past server selection

    I'm seeing a lot of people suggesting to use VPNs. Are VPNs against TOS or are they a legitimate work around until the issue is resolved? I don't want to risk trying it and getting banned unless it's against TOS, I can be patient but i'd rather play
  4. Can't get past server selection

    I can connect to Gludio Server just fine but I can't connect to Talking Island where all my characters are. Haven't been able to get on since the maintenance :(.