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  1. I can't stress this comment enough. this is nowhere near L2 classic. This is heavily nerfed custom server. Based on the Skelth XP curve it took 429,634,528 xp to hit 70 in the original L2 while in the current L2 classic it will take 3,041,801,165. That equates to .14x my friend so if in addition to this the mobs are actually giving 75% of what they gave on retail then the practical xp rate would be .10x or 10 times harder than it was previously. Whether it be .14x or .10x its disgusting.
  2. Take a look at the poll again. your "sixty" became over a thousand NO https://www.strawpoll.me/16599907/r
  3. Heine Fishing Expedition Returns Wed, April 4

    Spot on, this is exacly how you post and prepay for about 2years of 15$ monthly fee. Bleed from your fingers or pay up for 12,000 NCOIN for the ultimate pack and makie sure you're done in 7 days because the rod will only last for 7 days. SM gaming version.
  4. Just found this Dual Expertise Rune Pack R99 in my lvl 11 mystic. As I understand this allows basically to powerlevel my character for 30 days using R99 gear. but where do I get this gear? even entry level crappy R99. Any ideas?