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  1. SH + 2 boxes

    I play SH. I already have EE as 1st box. What 2nd box to choose? 1. PP (berserker, acumen, btm) + (emp from stew) 2. SE (emp, additional mp)
  2. best second support for PR

    Crucial songs / dances untill 58 lvl: SWS: 40 lvl +30% m.def 46 lvl +20 speed 49 lvl +100% crit. rate 55 lvl +25% p. def and +30% max hp 58 lvl +15% mp recovery BD: 40 lvl +30% crit. dmg. 46 lvl +4 acuracy 49 lvl +20% m. attack (for casting HEX) 52 lvl +30% casting speed (for casting HEX) 55 lvl +12% p.att 58 lvl +15% att. speed Personally, as 2nd box for PR i would choose SWS. Mainly because Crit Rate at pve while you farm with regular hits. In my opinion it is also better for PVP, for its defensive bonuses.
  3. Best BOX for SR

    Why not PP+SWS ? Sws gives +100% crit rate, WW, P.def, M.Def. Arent songs way better than dances espacially for pvp and for pve also?
  4. WL + 1 and 2 boxes

    Finally i chose to play WL with boxes: EE + SE If WL uses skills, then he needs a lot of MP. Thats is my argument. If you think EE+SWS as boxes for WL are better then tell me why.
  5. WL + 1 and 2 boxes

    Im starting future WL. Dont know yet will i play with 1 or 2 boxes. Need your advice in these 2 options: A. (1 box): 1. EE (faster cast than SE, clarity, stun resist) Can take VR from stew. 2. SE (melee buffs w/o haste) B. (2 boxes): 1. SE+PP 2. EE+PP 3. EE+BD/SWS