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  1. I play SH. I already have EE as 1st box. What 2nd box to choose? 1. PP (berserker, acumen, btm) + (emp from stew) 2. SE (emp, additional mp)
  2. Crucial songs / dances untill 58 lvl: SWS: 40 lvl +30% m.def 46 lvl +20 speed 49 lvl +100% crit. rate 55 lvl +25% p. def and +30% max hp 58 lvl +15% mp recovery BD: 40 lvl +30% crit. dmg. 46 lvl +4 acuracy 49 lvl +20% m. attack (for casting HEX) 52 lvl +30% casting speed (for casting HEX) 55 lvl +12% p.att 58 lvl +15% att. speed Personally, as 2nd box for PR i would choose SWS. Mainly because Crit Rate at pve while you farm with regular hits. In my opinion it is also better for PVP, for it
  3. Why not PP+SWS ? Sws gives +100% crit rate, WW, P.def, M.Def. Arent songs way better than dances espacially for pvp and for pve also?
  4. Finally i chose to play WL with boxes: EE + SE If WL uses skills, then he needs a lot of MP. Thats is my argument. If you think EE+SWS as boxes for WL are better then tell me why.
  5. Im starting future WL. Dont know yet will i play with 1 or 2 boxes. Need your advice in these 2 options: A. (1 box): 1. EE (faster cast than SE, clarity, stun resist) Can take VR from stew. 2. SE (melee buffs w/o haste) B. (2 boxes): 1. SE+PP 2. EE+PP 3. EE+BD/SWS
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