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  1. All Dwarf Clan

    Still looking for fellow Dwarves to join our ranks. Message me in game if interested.
  2. All Dwarf Clan

    Just hit lvl 52, name of the Dwarf clan is now GrimnirsChosen. Message me in game if you want to join with your dwarf.
  3. All Dwarf Clan

    Hello eveyone, myself and a friend are starting an all dwarf clan of the Freya server. All lvls welcome, message me here or in game (Ireheart)
  4. Back to the Grind

    Hail Warriors. Been away from the game for a long time. Looking to start a clan with new people on chronos. All are welcome. L2 is so much fun with a good group. Brotsjr is my ingame name. Send me a message and lets grinding. USA Eastern time.