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  1. New mages get a devotion set (which gives more casting speed), and the first class buffs give acumen and empower. Fighters get a wooden set lvl one buffs also but it has no vampric rage, no death whisper to balance the focus. Making them almost useless at the start. In reality the game is too hard for the solo player anyways so many bots feeding main characters or dualboxing. There are some clans that have cp's but after 15 years of playing this game who can sit for more than 4 -6 hours a day. No wonder they bot. The mana rate is crazy low for a 15 year old game. I gave it a shot but unless I become unemployed this game is not for me. To bad Lineage was is my favorite game of all time. I know it sounds like complaining but just sharing my thought as what a new player see when they log here. I don't mind a hard grind and no adena but sitting constantly is not fun!. Thanks for the memories and good luck everyone!
  2. Does reports by ticket actually works?

    Bots will always be in this game unless they make a bot killing or finding event, or they make active gm's like they use to.