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  1. Hi Guys, I was wondering if the skill Fell Swoop is any useful? If my lvl 55 WL is near a wall and mobs are all in front of me i have the feeling that i hit every mob. On the other hand when I AoE aggro mobs on an open field and i am surrounded by mobs i hardly hit more than 3. In both cases i am sure if it makes sense to learn the skill for the time being. Therefore any help is welcome.
  2. Are you sure that you won't be able to neither upgrade nor enchant the pendants anymore after march 27?
  3. Does it make sense to add +4 Dex -5 Con too?
  4. Talking about HE, i was wondering what dyes are recommended for HE in classic. Any suggestion?
  5. Good question. I'd like to know that too. Bow Damage and soulshot consumption should be comparable. Only major difference i see is the Attack speed. But does this justify the huge difference in Adena cost?
  6. As there is this cap, would a +4 Con -5 Str be an alternative to +1 Int -2 Men? Especially for AoE without mass stun i can imagine it's good to be a bit more tanky, though i'm not sure if a sorc can use these dyes.
  7. Hi Guys, what kind of dyes would fit the best for sorc? Something like +4INT -5MEN and +4INT -5MEN? Help appreciated.
  8. WTB Demon Gloves fabric. PM me on Forum, ty.
  9. Thanks for feedback so far. Somehow I also prefer m.atk over casting speed for PvE AoE damage. Now I am actually thinking if it's really worth to upgrade from demon set which gives +4 Int to zubei with 10% m.atk or doom with +2 int but -3 wit considering the high prices as well. Also the -HP stat of demon can be partially compensated by a higher OE compared to the B grade armors.
  10. Hi Guys, I was wondering what would be the best C and B Grade equipment (weapon and armor) for a Sorc used in PvE? I mainly play in AoE parties incl. buffers such as PP, SE and BD. Looking forward to hearing your comments/explanations. Cheers!
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