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  1. I can get to choose my character, but after i put my pin. the thing get stuck in loading (NOT RESPONDING) L2.bin i need HELP
  2. Then your recomendation is to.. have a PK and a cleric?
  3. Well the thing is... i manage to get 1,4 kk to equip my main character... that is a Palus Knight lvl 25... but people tell me that is convenient to create a wizard and box the PK, and that i have to create a Buff character to make the wizard stronger... the thing is i would like to be a BD or a Gladiator... but with all these advice i dont know anymore where to invest the 1,4 kk i have. I already have a wiz lvl 20 and i have a dwarf lvl 22, both with the novice equip.. so what is your advice? THX FOR READING. SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH
  4. I did the fishing rod quest, and i used it only 2 days, then the server went off for 7 days, i have no fish rod... i want my fish rod not the reward you offer
  5. cual es la manera real de hacer adena con la pesca? he leido q con la pesca hacen mucha adena.. pero no se donde vender los peces o los cofres ni a cuanto...
  6. JmGonzalez


    Does anyone know how to get another fish rod, cause the one i got from the quest expired.. and i can t do the quest again.
  7. @Hime Do you have any idea when the server is going to be working? THX
  8. what is Vamp, dw and WC? sorry im new and i speak spanish so...
  9. to make middle Grade D DUALS, how much lvl should be my artisian?
  10. what is crafting lvl 1 or 2 item? D grade is equal to lvl 2?
  11. which is the best box for a Palus knight that is going to be a Blade dancer??? There is any way to make adena faster than leveling solo or party? Where can i sell the fish that i get to make more adena? THX!
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