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  1. if tuna event end the logic its npc stay for one wek more..!
  2. 50% exp/sp/drop its gone @juji @hime
  3. @Juji @Hime come on restore exp event -.-
  4. i think, if we make more quest on LINEAGE2 we will enjoy more the game, more thinks to do and not grind 24/7 to lvl up fast...! if NA its have autonomy to do it..! so make the game more funny..! if i am broken please let me know:! but @Juji you have a longggg time beging GM and ever its the same. never read the post..! so i just make it for fun i play lineage 2 for 11 yeard...! and the only exp server i like was goddes because we can farm raid boss..! why we need to make 5 partys or more to kill 1 raid lvl low? come on..! how many ppl we need to kill antharas soon? NOTE: I am spanish talker, sorry for my bad english..! but was needing do it..!