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  1. @Hime Hey, having some trouble running my 3rd client. It says only 3 clients can be run on the same PC. That's fine. However, it's not letting me run 3, only 2. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hey all, just hit level 40 and finished my transfer quest. Looking for an active clan, as I am very active. I'm all about supporting each other however we can. I'm on the west coast but I'm not too worried about time zones, just needs to be English speaking as my Spanish consists of pants, bathroom, and beer haha. Hit me up on here or mail me in game.
  3. Soon to be DA looking for an active clan. English speaking highly preferred. I'm from Washington state so PST would be preferred also but not mandatory. I'm very active and enjoy being part of a clan that supports each other. Message JBoxx in game for further info.
  4. I would be livid lol. And Giran won't load because the servers crowded with bots. Go to Aden
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