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  1. Suggestion for PVE Othell

    Othell ghost hunter 100 lvl . I have take all dual class skills and sub skills . I have only blessed zaken and frintezza's soul neck . Longing talisman , kelbim dual daggers and seraph LA set +8 FE . My STR is 108 and DEX 60 . Maybe i can go with 2 STR and 1 DEX ?
  2. Suggestion for PVE Othell

    So you suggest to create 3 x Leg Dex +5 CON+1 or 2 Leg STR and 1 Dex dyes?
  3. Suggestion for PVE Othell

    Alb mate i see many videos that most othells prefer 3 x Legendary Dex dyes even if attack speed is already at 1500 max , any ideas?
  4. Suggestion for PVE Othell

    so you suggest better tauti ring and ring of creation than queen ant soul ring and baium soul ring?
  5. Suggestion for PVE Othell

    so it doesnt matter what sub class to make right?
  6. Suggestion for PVE Othell

    Thanks for you replies guys , which one is pve belt ? every belt has pvp skill attack etc . Also what subs to make and sub skills?
  7. Suggestion for PVE Othell

    Thanks for your reply mate . Thanks for info
  8. Suggestion for PVE Othell

    Hello to everyone , i return to l2 since 2 years ago and lot of things have been changed . So since i am newbie i would like to tell me what you suggest for my Othell ghost hunter . I am currently 93 level . What sub certification skills to take What Type of dyes to buy (Legendary STR+CHA for example) Which accessories is better ? including rings-earrings-neck or hat I know that talisman longing-sevensigns- belt pve+6% and venir at least level 12 is a must. Also what is your opinion for kelbim dual daggers? its worth to buy or wait to buy specter R95? Because i think kelbim is more for pvp . I will wait for your replies . Cheers!