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  1. Hi, I'm usually in and out of L2, but never played seroiusly (so, I never really learned much from the game). I'm looking to start with an Ertheia wizard. Why? Never used it, I'm curious. I am lvl 62 and it's entertaining. My doubt are: What buffers do you reccomend for her? What is not covered by the NPC that gives the buffs? How should I manage my accounts? Buffers, healer, dwarve? I can only have tree accounts open at the same time, but that doesn't mean that I can't have more than tree accounts. But, is it necessary? To lvl-up those extra characters, can I party them with my main character and boost them? Or there is an exp penalty that makes it non-viable? I'm not interested in end-game (or even high tier). So, I don't know how much time I'm gonna put on this. I'm not gonna put any money on the game, that I can assure you.
  2. Old character gear disappeared.

    Nope, I'm on the other one. Even so, thank you very much for the gesture! I'm not worried about this, just curious if something happened. Still had the adena, so it went to another character. And changed pass.
  3. Hi, I logged in my account after a couple of years and noticed that my character doesnt have any gear. Is that common? It was that free gear that you get by doing some quests. Is there a way to get it back? (another quest, maybe). It's quite useless a Lvl 82 with no gear. I just play for PvE and nostalgia. So I'm not interested in end game gear or anything like that. Nor putting money on the game.