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  1. No firewall here, and plenty of space and still cant log in. I'm going to send in a support ticket and see what happens. Losing 3 of the 7 days on my rune is complete and utter bs.
  2. I lost nearly 2 full days of my runes and now they are expired. That is total bs, are we support to open a ticket about it?
  3. It's been nearly 9 hours and I still cant log in to play. There goes another day of wasted XP Runes!
  4. I like the modified part, they better modify with +2 more days!
  5. Now I have to look into at what point can we ask for a refund on ncoins simply for the fact that we cant play. They have to consider this from a business aspect to their paying customers right?
  6. Same with me man as I said in an earlier post. It's not so much as not being able to play, its the fact that the runes that I purchased are counting down regardless of being logged in or not. I just started playing this for about a little over a week now, do you know if they compensate for loss time like this?
  7. Yea it didn't work yesterday for most of the day, then it started working at night. Then today I tried to play and same thing as yesterday, back to not working. What I did notice is that trying to log into the website took forever as if something was hung up there. Not sure if the XIGNCODE3 hangup and the website login hangup are related though, but oddly similar.
  8. Not sure what they did on their end, but it magically works now!
  9. This is also been happening to me and it sucks. I normally wouldn't care as much since i'm pretty patient and usually give them time to fix stuff but when I have runes that are on a timer whether you are logged in or not counting down, then it pisses me off.
  10. Yea same here man. This is lame as hell as its burning my XP Rune of 200% timer!
  11. Yea did that as well and no go. Thought maybe it was something on my end but I can log into BDO (Black Desert Online) just fine and it runs the same cheat engine.
  12. Same problem here dude. I log in, get to the character screen and i can see the xigncod3 window open in the bottom right but nothing loads and just sits there. I've let it sit there for over 10 mins and nothing.
  13. I'm new to the game and I've been playing now for about a week and currently level 91 on my Yul Moonlight Sentinel. I play solo and i'm having a pretty rough time trying to level and it seems that it just takes way too long to level up. Been trying to find some current information or a up to date guide but everything seems very old or for that Lineage 2 Classic or Revolution. I do have the xp rune bonuses, the XP Rune III (1-100 200%) and the XP Rune II (1-95 100%) so when someone suggested I grind at the fairies I was getting .04-05 a kill and it was insanely packed and I think i was getting
  14. Anyone else stuck at the server selection screen and can't get in?
  15. Ah ok, at what level do I need to get to in order to start enchanting the skills? Yea thats what i've been trying to do is just exp, but hard to stay focused getting .002 a kill at bloody swamp at that exp rate. Might be a few years before you actually level lol.
  16. Pretty new to the game and trying to get take in as much information as possible, but need some help/info on skill enchanting. I'm currently level 87, Yul Moonlight Sentinel and when I open up the skills menu and hit Enchant Skill all of the skills are in red and unenchantable. I've tried to look around for some info on why, but its hard to find some information with so many different versions of L2. Any help would be appreciated!
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