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  1. but wouldn't less people needing D shots be an indication of a dying server? That was the point of the post and the thread. If you cant get new people to join then you cant have a successful server. I was giving examples to support ways you can see the server is stagnant or dying without actually looking at the people logged in, which can easily be fudged by boxes and bots and fake accounts.
  2. I can tell its dying because it now takes me 3 days to sell 20k shots. I used to not be able to make shots fast enough. Now I invest all my money and sell for 3 days straight and can barely sell out. It used to be hard to find D crystals under 605. Now I see them for 580 or less daily. economy is crashing which is good if they will merge servers eventually. but I cant make money and scared to invest too much into shots or buying other things right now in fear I never make it back. Im kinda at a stand still. loosing interest fast.
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