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  1. So in the hopes that someone from NCWest happens to see this, you all are slacking on the job. The number of bots that are running around with a top NG staff and Moon armor is way uncalled for. You do need to put one~two people in game to ban this kind of crap right on the spot. A normal person has no hopes in getting a few mob kills in areas of there level due to this kind of neglect. Do something about the god forsaken afk farmers! its only been 14 years, get this sh!t figured out like the rest of the world.
  2. Well here it is, 10:30 AM in Texas where they are "working" on fixing the issues with the server and not even letting us know that they are "working".
  3. I might add that I just tested this as I have a number of spare computers. (Had my wife help me with this) Opened the launcher at the same time, logged in at the same time, got to the "Play Now" at the same time, clicked "Accept" at the same time, clicked "OK" at server select at the same time and long behold? The account with VIP 3 was in the character select screen where as the one that I normally play was in a queue of 700+, that was ladder closed for what ever BS reason they came up with. So yeah, this is a per month pay or don't play game, without the quote.
  4. So I did a test yesterday with the drop rate vs. a VIP 3 drop rate. Come to find out that the account I have VIP 3 on does NOT have the queue, it gets logged in right off the bat. As where as my other account that I do play, has the queue. Just NCW making it a pay to play when they market it as a free to play. In my scene that's false advertising and in justest is a law suit.
  5. This is something that has a lot of people bothered, myself included. I did a test yesterday, spending $25 to get to VIP 3 for increased drop rate for a new character. Got to level 19 (thanks to exp buffs and buff scrolls) in a few hours. Not a single item drop. Not sure if it's just the RNG gods upset with me, would not be surprised l, but for the love of classic, it is far worse then what we see in LIVE at the moment. Mind you, I have been playing L2 since 04, back when the grind was real and the best experience of an MMO in my experience to date. Back then playing as a dwarf, I was able to
  6. So I was on for a few hours this morning then had to log and run into town. Just got back on and now there is a queue. Not just on one server but both! Didn't think there would be that many people to fill up two servers but wow. Think they might add another one if this keeps up?
  7. So, I don't want to be that one guy, but I'm going to be that one guy. With two servers, it's over populated at the start. Can't get the first quest done and I know i really don't need it but good lord, the hoard of dwarfs is a little freaky. When you have a thousand ankle biters running around, you tend to freak out a bit and get a little pissed off when you can't get a kill. Just something to work on.
  8. Luck has been increased by +2 thanks to Windy Dye
  9. I'm starting to think that they all went home. No reply from Community folks or from there Twitter. I understand that is "all hands on deck" but keep someone on the media part to keep folks in the know, not in the dark. With as many of us still sticking around that is. But hey, I'm old school and might need to do another beer run just so I can hit level 3 if it ever comes up .
  10. Hold on. Just looked up some things and found this: https://ipinfo.io/ Not sure if it's the game server or just a hub
  11. Sorry, that's google's DNS and secondary. I'm not sure if NC has ever published there public IP
  12. Sorry, wife was talking to me and i didn't hit ctrl+v... my bad Link is https://l2wiki.com/classic/Main_Page
  13. Just putting this out here for you fellow short people, "errmm..." Dwarfs. In the case that you cant find what you are looking for, this data base is the closest thing i could find with any kind of info as to what mobs used to drop. If anyone has something better, please share it. <3, the little dude with horns.
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