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  1. NOMADS - Got that Nomad Soul?

    NOMADS Background: For those who may not know me (which I am guessing are quite a few of you), I am the former Clan Leader of SerialKillers. We were one of the three clans in the Addicts alliance. However, through time I found myself getting further and further away from my original vision. I always preached “family first”, so instead of pulling my family from the home I helped make for them, I decided it best to go my own direction. I left the Clan so they could progress and play the way they wanted. I wish them all the best of luck and success! Nevertheless, a few of my closest friends shared my thoughts and feelings on a NEW VISION for a Clan. We all wanted something different, less constraining, less formal and more fun. So we formed NOMADS. Vision: We are just a bunch of nomadic friends that want to play and hang out with each other. No restrictions, no obligations, no dues. Ever! We are not tied down! Play how you want, when you want! Social Anarchy! Yes, we use Discord, get with the times bro. No, that doesn’t mean you have to live on voice chat all the time for god’s sake. We don’t want anyone telling us what character to play, or what level that character should be. Why the hell should I care what character you play? We don’t want anyone begging for resources, gear, or adena. Get your own stuff you lazy bum, the welfare office is down the hall on the left. Also, if you get PK’d, dust yourself off and deal with it. We might help you if we feel like it, but I got news for you, we probably won’t feel like it. Don’t be a crybaby, if you spend more time learning your class or how to group with others, you might even get a kill. We won’t be Raiding every day for 6 hours, we actually have lives. Not that we won’t ever Raid, it’s just not our part time job. Forget all that noise. In other words, hang out and have fun, listen to music, grind, dunk some scrubs, party, or choke your chicken. We don’t care. Just don’t freaking impose any darn rules and regulations or we’ll bounce you. If all that sounds harsh, good! We don’t want you bro. We want someone who can handle actually being independent. We want someone who can be part of our ragtag family of anarchist nomads.