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  1. the market is crazy on the naia server look at the price of rune stone
  2. had the dimension quest in aden lv 100 that each day you did you won 1 fragment rune and 1 fragment superior giants codex adding 10 you exchanged for 1 rune stone and 1 superior giants codex 1 at npc
  3. thank you all for the comments and tips thank you
  4. GM is impossible to obtain rune stone new players or with medium equipment, there has to be another way to obtain rune stone, because the quest dimension does not come back, or put it on sale in store l2 or simply modify the way to obtain new skills . There are thousands of players who don't have much time to stay in the online game and who don't have a huge amount of friends to party to boss to get rune stone, where the drop will still be divided between the party. hunting zones that give adenas is also very difficult for new players. let's balance this game please.
  5. there are many places to hunt in the very low level game where no one will play it anymore because the quest system to reach level 85 is now very fast, that is, 80% of the game maps are useless to anyone, transform these new ones hunting areas level 99+ - 115
  6. there has to be another way to get rune stone in the game other than killing boss, because there are people who play and don’t have strong char to go to the boss and party for it, because to acquire new spells in the game you have to have at least some 20 rune stone, that is, having to kill 20 bosses and having the luck to drop 20 rune stone and the party give you the rune, would be interesting and less frustrating if the rune stones were sold at the npc or the new skills did not need rune stone. it is very difficult to get adena in the game and each rune stone costs 200kk each. this makes new
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