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  1. in simples words you are a rat! i'm mage with a weapon D if i buy bssd (very espensives) i can recover and duplicate my adena no vip no pack only play
  2. ertheias are a very beautiful and free race, poor ertheias
  3. if game no have boxes players cant sell your items when they are playing for example
  4. i never need verify again i have a year without a verify i have a static ip you have dynamic ip you need verify every day or in every router restart
  5. eso es xq no sabes configurar tus macros la opcion del target solo es para el next target y funciona perfectamente y si usas /target giant por ejemplo va a venir un pj llamado giant1546748 y te va a hacer pekear si queres usar /target usa el nombre completo del mob con espacios que no pueden tener los pj comunes y listo nunca seras pk por usar un macro y si sos wynn nunca actives el modo defensivo de los summons o hay mas vuelta que darle presta atencion yo eh visto como intentaban que mi macro se pk o flag y me les reia en la cara
  6. admin enable kamaels and sayha seer on classic if classic is an hibrid game
  7. an ertheia character has been created in clasic hahaha
  8. Ecuador use GMT -5, go to school and study. GMT is Greenwich Mean Time
  9. the trees are in hunters valley
  10. Well today again I find that after the long waiting queue I can not enter the server but I hope this helps the Admin to be able to solve it. I closed the game when I stopped playing after 16 hours farming, after 8 hours of sleep I get up to play and he tells me that my account is in use. so I tried my character was connected the 8 hours I was sleeping. besides there are a lot of characters who are standing for example yesterday I was 8 hours in a row in Ruins of Despair and there were about 10 characters who stood on one side all this time doing nothing. I hope you serve this in
  11. When I try to enter the Talking Island server, after waiting for a tail of 700 playes, I disconnect from the server. also when one manages to enter you can see players with 3+ characters following one. Here I bring you the solution block access to talking from more than 2 clients per ip or MAC but do something I just play 1 character and I can not enter to play
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