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  1. even if I completely understand everyone opinions as for p2w bullshit ... I honeslty think Ncsoft simply does not give a shit...they only want to get as much income as they can from the 1000 players who will still play and buy their crap from l2 stores .. 1000 players buying their stuff is more important to them then 3500 who do not .. simple as that is sad but true..... and is why they will not answer and keep screwing up their games... gf
  2. What gets me is not only the bots is the fact NC soft screwed up the server by not implanting their level 70 cap like it was supposed to be and let people bot to 77 .Now when 3rd class change will come those same bots will have a huge advantage over 80 % of server and lot of people will quit because they never adress solutions to bots and as they call them drivers to level up ...what a way to tell players they simply do not give a shit about them just how much they spend in ncoins and the hell with economy and server disparity in players.. GF nc soft you win the fail oscar for your lack of support of your real player base.
  3. lol this is ridicoulous ganking has been around for year now ... everyone does it and ms does too telling different is a bunch of horse shit .I see every day people from ms trying to make people flag to either take their exp spot kill pve mode as you call it war tags or kill low tier clan if they flagged . stop pretending this is not happening you are making yourself look more stupid than you already are with your toxic propaganda. Every clan ganks better admit that to yourself , hypocrits.
  4. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Well killing my clan is not really true, is just a choice we made to help people and join those who helped us for so many years.Has nothing to do with anything else.I Just do not turn on friends I have had for so many years no mater how you look at it is just as simple as that. i can tell you for a fact that even in my time zone there is not many in nova at that time zone... they come on much later or in my morning. Love to pvp but truly you know i cannot go kill you solo or truffle as much as i would love to but in the end i will use all my skills to run around try root you and reflect some dammage until all skills down and uds and eventually die to any tops dd,s .njot much fun knowing you cannot kill crap on tanks anymore at least tops dd,s . for dragons i cannot answer that cause most times now is on time when i sleep or work so i have not been in a cc dragon for a while.Yeah see you in 2 weeks , go ride that bike a bit bud
  5. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Since i got some toast plz send me couple over easy eggs and bacon to go along with them thanks. oh dam do not forget hash browns potatoes
  6. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    Guess I touched a sensible cord there mister. Dim is a joke now dude when all these stones are so cheap on market why wait 2 month and defend 4 times for this crap anymore...again you prove this random right by not answering the question and yes we know mp regen ... next post topaz ? then what...ridicoulous man ? And this random had a hell of a time yesterday in cresting room vs your top members of your clan for 1.5 hours unitl you figured you had enough and went rune. I know katrise for a long time he is a good friend and always fun to fight him along with many others in your clan unfortunatly they wil never get to the promise land with your leadership . coffe break over have a nice day from a random Aden castle member.
  7. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    This has to do with aden seige not exp pvp or anything else why do you always have to deviate from subjet of topic to make yourself look better ? Why don,t you for once just answer as why you fail with stategy and leadership and with overwhelming numbers instead of blaming MP regen , topaz and whatever else you can use as excuse not to answer this simple question. Dude everyone ganks ms does it nova does it fs does it .. all clans who have wars do it get over it man . OH yes guess all those dragons have helped you take aden ...all those stones from gainak too ect... geesus man all they did is gear up more people to help you fail seiges. Wake up man quality and stategy will always rule over quantity with poor leadership. anyways I exp everyday out of town i am not gonna give you a call to say where i am exping be serious.
  8. Aden Siege 4/29/2018

    This is the funnist post i am yet to read on here., if you tryly beleive only 7 people can interupt katrise you are more stupid than your leaders. Question is many ms come on forums and they all talk big crap degrading people always wanting to be the ones that is right but in the end words means nothing actions do , you all can come here and trash talk all the crap you want call people all the names you want tell yourself you are the top dogs whatever ... in the end actions will always prevails and for some reasons it is your leaders who need to look at themselves and wonder why they cannot lead you to take that castle with all the poeple and firepower you have. Obviously you are lacking tactics and leadership and this is why nova keeps Aden and will always keep it . now you can all come trash my post but fact is truth always hurts .
  9. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    i hope one day you two will realize how stupid and dumb you are...so according to your logic ica had ties with nova since the first transfer were open that is like 10 + years ago and that just cause you hate nova we whould all forget everything hate them like you and tell our friends to go srew themselves just cause you want nova dead . real smart you should aks your leader how he got ms level 11 clan like ask me to join my ally help them take a castle so they can get the item to get level 11 then leave ally and declare war on you ? you want me to side with this type people who back stab you this way . then you come back to me telling i am a puttet unlike you i do not back stabs friends i know for 10 plus years... and jump side and ship when it pleases me to have advantage you too dumb to realize maybe people who join my ally then did not want to be part of your crap ? And trufle my clan then got lindy jewels , anty and valakas wich we gave to members you talk about share it was equal genius that included everything and no we did not sell the stuff to give adena we gave the item to members how needed them not some random logging in for 1 hour a week whining non stop for clan to do everything for him and gear them up . but you too much of a fool to read correctly and proving everyone that you always have to be right and always trying to twist post and everything to your advantage... how old are you yeT 30 with the mind of a 10 year old ... geesus grow up man you guys are so emo and pathethic is not even funny and it has become a joke . And so called commander you such a great one you could not command a army of 10 x1 plus zerg even if it was to press a button to get it done we all see you so called commander skills in every seige keep posting crap . you have no clue about is entertaning while i have my coffee in the morning. honestly what esle than this crap canwe expect from these two i mean we see this all day in hero shout you two are a cancer that can never be cured no matter any games you will play there is good people in ms unfortunaly you two make most looks like complete morons and idiots with all your crap .
  10. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    Well i can only answer you nova gave the drops to me and can assure you i sent the drops equaly to all leaders of ally. When they ask for crystals, bottles, bloody stones and special weapons they were always sent .. along with armors scrolls of blessing ect...remember that if we got 1 scrolls of blesseing or jewel we did the 1, 2, 3, system as each clan in ally would get in turn . that also went for bottles and everything else including adena from dark castle i always sent 1/3 for everyone in ally . I can only speak for me as leader. what other leaders did for with their drops and adena from castles i cannot account for unfortunalty .But i like to think i always tried to be fair with everyne in ally and threat them as equals.
  11. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    Sorry but I desagree.. when i was leader of ica and ic ally over a year ago we always had our shares of drops including boss jewels and bottles with the rest of the crap armor weapons ect scrools whatever dropped.The leaders of nova came to our vent always discussing with us the happening and how we would seperate stuff and asked us for our imputs .. i geared so many people with drops from dragons and made dark sets from getting dark stones i cannot count them . So before you start writing stuff wich you have no clue about get your facts straight ... People will always bleep cause they figure they get nothing out of clan or drops , most of these people are in the clan only to get geared and whine when clan does not give to them while they do nothing to help out. Or they help for a while until they get something they want and leave without a word . Not everyone does this and i completely understand clans leaders being carefull who they give boss jewels and top gear too and even then you may get burned. i can understand you have hatred nova and whoever helps them whatever and is fine it is part of game, but lately it has become ridicoulous all the crap people do to degrade others in a simple video game and how low some will go and the extend complete bs being said everywhere .when is also has to come down to personnal issues i mean seriously you have to get that low for pixels and bring people personnal lives into it ? Some people should spend all the energies they spend hating on forums and game to have some fun and enjoy instead or making themselves look like complete morons on a forums and in a pixel game but i guess that crap stuff will look good on any resume .. you win some you lose some ...is as simple as that... the rest is just crap cheers
  12. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    lol geesus aizen please go to the washroom uses your hands and releave some tension man
  13. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    I think you missing the point here btw i go out everyday out of town i do factons ect... yes i get killed i tap and go back after 10 min or so ...does that make me afk clanhall do not think so . and I see people go out hunt ms everytime i am on so maybe different time zone ect for play ? lot of you i never see my time zone so goes both ways there .anyways not gonna argue on some instance is just futile with some people. i do not ask anyone for respect those who respect me in game do it cause i respect them and never degraded them all day in shouts.I Have talked some crap also we all do it at some point bu there is a limit when enough or is way to much to each his or he own . Cheers
  14. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    you know truffle there was a player name soellotoo from rr same class as you . He did not have your gear but he did a lot and tons of dammage in seiges vs whole clans and he was real good at this class and was also hero. The difference is he did it and even though at the time he was overpowered crushed ennemnies and people ran when he was ful skill coming at you he did it with class he never called people names not ranted bs all day on hero shout ...so the thing that amazes me is that at your age you keep acting like your a little 12 years old emo kid who always needs to be right . I.m not degrading you here just saying your attitude is what makes people not respect you has nothing to do with play and gear.. and is prolly why most who knew seollotoo and played around him had way more respect for that kind of person and player they will never have for you no matter what you do,just saying people always like the underdog and ms were at one point .. but now is reverse and nova is the underdog ...i think you better realize this especially with all the crap you guys send the whole server on hero shout ever tought some people get tired of your ranting and bs and prolly half server has hero shout turned off cause of this type of stupidity ? gf
  15. Aden Siege 4/15/2018

    I think some of you people need to realize this is a pixel game ? why do theses threads always have to bring up personnal or old crap and not stay on thread topic.. they should invent some pixel ritalin.... might calm some of you serious people down a little so you can actually enjoy the game ..have a good time and relax when is done.