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  1. Thanks for don't listen us.

    So lemme get this straight you think they’ll make more money with servers like live with 1000 players buying stupid shirts and pendants than 2 5000 player servers, 2 2000-3000 player servers buying runes and scrolls? Your high. this company is trash, have fun playing with people swiping moms card New people don’t come play l2 - they can’t attract people to this game, even worse when ncsoft is running it
  2. Thanks for don't listen us.

    Many people who buy runes will quit
  3. C ya later l2. for some reason greed gets you every time. You give players just enough time to sink into their characters and release pay to win items in hopes they’ll stick around. everyone knows your tricks now and we know you’ll just keep releasing crap items like this. gg